Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Vintage INDIAN Hand Carved Ganesha Barndoor Door Panel Wall Sculpture Eclectic Bohemian Yoga Unique Art

Vintage Hand Carved Ekadanta Ganapati as the name suggest “single tusked” Ganapati. This form is special as He is having a large belly than in any other form which signifies that all the manifestation of the universe is within him. His hands hold broken tusk, Ladu, japa beads mala, and an axe to cut the bond of ignorance. Beautiful vertical hand carved Ganesha wall panel can either be hung on the wall or use as a door panel. The hand carved Ganesha panel would be perfect addition to any room, meditation studio or interior decor.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Product Title Mogul Dancing Krishna Handcarved Vintage Fluting Krishna Wall Sculpture Panel Barn Door Yoga Decor

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Chakras makes our energies counterflow in the subtle body. Healthy chakras nourrishes our mind, body and spirit healthful. A closed chakra ...